Conduit Bending

This instructional video describes the basic techniques and calculations an electrician needs to know for bending EMT conduit. It is designed to help a beginner learn this important skill rapidly. On screen graphics easily explain the calculations and highlight important concepts. It is over 2 and half hours in length. Conduit bending is an essential element of any electrician training program. This electric video is great for the apprentice electrician, and even as a review for a journeyman.  Register Now.

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Getting the Most out of this Lesson

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90 Degree Bend

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Back to Back 90 Degree Bend

Back to Back 90 on a Full Stick of Conduit


22 Degree Offsets

Offsets With Shrinkage


Field Offset or Man Rise Offset

4 Point Saddle

4 Point Saddle With Shrinkage

3 Point Saddle

Half Angle 3 Point Saddle


Box Offset

Shepherds Bend

Planning the Sequence of Your Work

Some Advanced Measuring Techniques

The Wire Trick

Using a Protractor

The Anderson Bend

Using the Pythagorean Theorem

Rolling Offset

Concentric Bends

Using the Trigonometric Table

Finding Angles Without a Protractor

Measuring Tricks

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